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Enigma is a strategic supplier of PCB’s to its customers by enabling on-time, quality manufacturing. We provide PCB’s to a diverse customer base, including: Wireless Communications; Industrial Automation Controls; Aerospace; Medical; Automotive; Scientific Instrumentation; Lighting; Military; and the Electronic Manufacturing Services industries to name a few.

We manufacture printed circuit boards to the following PCB design specifications.

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Latest News

Enigma Expands its Capabilities with Panel Gold Plating for Quick Turn Service


panel gold plating edge connector

Enigma Interconnect is installing a new line which offers double sided selective and flash/full body electroplating in hard gold. These services are offered in-house and are now part of our quick turn capabilities. 

Panel Gold Plating (or Flash Gold) is an electroplated finish, available in both hard and soft gold options. Enigma is currently offering hard gold which is ideally used for products such as PCMCIA or mini-cards that have both solderable requirements and some plug-in edge fingers. The gold thickness for both applications typically are 8 ± 4 micro inches thick.

Enigma’s Deep Gold Line improves panel utilization for designs incorporating card edge connectors and those with card edge connectors on multiple sides of the PCB. 

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