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The Enigma Spec – Your Assurance that You are Getting the Highest Quality PCBs. We Set the Standard.

Why settle for a PCB with IPC Class 2 industry specifications? Enigma exceeds the baseline IPC Class 2 specifications by incorporating Class 3 copper plating thickness.

Why do we use IPC Class 3 as the Enigma Spec? Our customers demand the quality and reliability that Class 3 plated PCB’s incorporate and, because it is our In-House Standard for manufacturing PCBs, we are adding quality without adding to your manufacturing costs.

The Enigma Spec utilizes the higher copper plating standards required by IPC Class 3 without the added costs due to the other Class 3 inspection and testing requirements.  The result is a more robust printed circuit board capable of withstanding greater thermal shock and vibration stresses. It is vital that PCBs function reliably during the assembly process and in the field. In all market sectors, particularly those with critical applications, the consequences of PCB failure can be devastating.  Underplating is simply a risk we do not take when manufacturing PCB’s for our customers, and the Enigma Spec is a simple solution that gives us greater confidence and problem free peace of mind.

Make the Enigma Spec your standard for success.

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